Timeless Etchings University Of Georgia Mascot Cork Bottle Stop

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Every barrel has a story....Whether having been used to age some of the world's finest wines or harvested from forests Napoleon cultivated for warship lumber, each barrel has an origin and history all of its own. Every one made by hand is truly a work of art. At Timeless Etchings, these barrels are turned into unique and beautiful pieces that preserve their nature and are deliberately crafted to showcase the story each one has to tell. Our cutting-edge lasers burn images that are crisp, rustic, and nostalgic. We create most anything, from your favorite university, corporate branding or wildlife. Timeless Etchings promise a unique and original home or gift experience. Produced from the barrel sides (staves), our bottle stops help keep your favorite bottle fresh. Character marks and stains are maintained for a one-of-a-kind feel, making our bottle stops a cool, conversation piece. Measures 2 inches x 3 inches.
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